Gil Scott-Heron “Me And The Devil”

14 04 2010

This video depicts my fear of teens perfectly. Look at those scary-faced youths! They’re after me, and they know I’ll give them anything they want.

I have been scared of teens since I was 13. They are just young enough to have no reservations about doing absolutely anything. They’ll steal, they’ll fight, they’ll deface property, etc. But they’re much more dangerous than pre-teens because their bodies have developed to the point where they can inflict real, substantial damage on anyone they choose to destroy.

And of course they skateboard. Perfect. That’s perfect.

Now about the old man who appears in the second part of this video. Now there’s a guy you can feel bad for. Just trying to walk somewhere or keep moving so as to assure himself he’s not dead.

Also, goodness knows what’s on his shirt. Is it blood? Is it dirt? Blood dirt? Alcohol? I guess that guy is drunk, though he could have just had a rough go of it in general.

This video depicts a much more dangerous New York City than the one that I think currently exists. I haven’t seen anyone with painted faces, except the obnoxious drama kids hell-bent on making people notice them. But they won’t hurt anyone. They’ll just give you a flyer for a theater workshop that you’ll have to throw away.