Partnership Forged

19 04 2010

One of my fellow students in my entrepreneurial journalism class reached out to me hoping to form a kind of partnership that links our two business ideas.

She’s putting together a site specifically for  freelancers.

She said her site will include several videographers who could help bands on my site make music videos. Hopefully this week we’ll be able to get together and flesh out the nature of this potential partnership.

It seems like a good idea because it’s a free way to get the bands on my site hooked up with people who could help them produce a professional, high quality video that allows them to standout from the crowd.

I hope there’s someway to monetize this partnership facilitation. I could potentially charge a service fee that comes off the top of whatever price the band agrees to pay the videographer.

If we can’t monetize it, it will at the very least be another asset to the site that could drive traffic to

That’s still looking like the primary challenge to getting this thing off the ground, so anything that helps accomplish the goal is important.




2 responses

1 06 2010

ru still bloging

11 06 2010

Hey Charles! Thanks for wondering. I appreciate you checking in. Finally, I am back and will try to keep pumping out the good (low-mediocre stuff). I really hope I haven’t lost you!

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