A Few More Things

17 04 2010

This image came up when I searched "Primate death match"

So I’ve gotten some ideas for how to spread the word about my site. This is probably the weakest part of my business plan, but I think a lot of sites struggle with driving traffic to their site, so at least I’m not alone.

I need to make it as easy as possible for people to embed videos from my site on their web pages. But the videos will have to have Music Video Haven’s logo on it at the beginning and end of the video, so that it’s clear whose site the footage came from.

Also, bands should have their own websites on my site. In other words, when you click on a band on MusicVideoHaven.com you’ll be taken to say, for example musicvideohaven.com/screamingprimatedeathmatch as opposed to musicvideohaven.com/14dadsfdsf. Each band should have a named site so that they can promote their site, and thus drive traffic to MusicVideoHaven.

I’m offering bands a chance to promote themselves and, hopefully, in exchange, they’ll promote MusicVideoHaven by telling fans and those curious about the group to visit my site.

It’s possible I could also do some regional marketing. So, buying ads from Google for example when people search for “New York bands”. That will drive up start-up costs, but it could be worth it.




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