New Ideas

11 04 2010

I got some help for my project from my brother today. He said I can increase the sound quality of the videos by using high-quality encoding on the site. He warned that this would mean videos would download less quickly. Thus, they would not be instantly viewable.

He mentioned that another option is to give viewers a choice between instantly viewable, lower quality videos and high quality, but slower downloading ones. That sounds good to me and that might help me standout from YouTube.

I also want to have guest picks, where I invite known musicians and perhaps music critics to provide their top 5 favorite videos on Music Video Haven (which is what my site is called, at this point, anyway.)

My brother also suggested that certain people’s votes on videos could be worth different amounts. For example, if someone from a very popular band on my site liked another band’s video, that musician’s vote would be worth more in the vote tally than someone who did not belong to a popular group.

That might help push better videos to the front of the site. People with a more “trusted” opinion could help usher higher quality videos to the homepage.




2 responses

13 04 2010

I’d make folks register to comment or vote the way that Stereogum requires. It keeps out bots and trolls and old men mounting spirited defenses of Green Day in hip sites.

14 04 2010

Cool. Good idea Lucky. Thanks for this. I’m very happy to have your spirited defenses! Please keep them coming. Also, please don’t refer to this site as hip. I have some page-view numbers that would certainly contradict this inaccurate moniker.

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